Cleaning Up After The Floods

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While no one will ever mistake The Great Vermont Flood of 2011 for the biblical deluge, its stories will be told, and its effects will be felt, long after the waters recede. In the meantime, the damage reports are still being tallied, and we may never be able to put a precise price tag on all that has been lost. … Read More

Concierge Healthcare

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For most of us these days, visiting the doctor is a choreographed exercise frantically reminiscent of The Flight of the Bumblebee. You sign in, pay the required fee, have your vital signs checked, and then wait in a room barely big enough for the examination table and two chairs for the doctor to arrive. He or she then spends the … Read More

Something Is Rotten In The State Of Pharmaceuticals

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The life cycle of so-called miracle drugs, like that of the butterfly, is relatively short but altogether fascinating. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions researching, patenting and testing new medications that promise sufferers lives free from prior medical constraints. Upon Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of a new panacea, these corporations spend additional millions marketing the drug to doctors, hospitals and … Read More