Planning for Incapacity

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I look at the world through the same eyes I used when I was 15, 25, 35 and 50; it’s my body that’s changed. At 35, I felt too young to be a mother. Now, I’ve finally made my peace with the motherhood gig, but I’m having difficulties dealing with the indignities of middle age. In my mind, I’m ageless—too … Read More

The Art of Coupons

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A recent visit to my parents’ home in Massachusetts marked a major turning point in our family history; after fifty-odd years of sitting around the table, devouring the door-stopping Boston Sunday Globe along with breakfast, I was alarmed to discover that my parents had discontinued their subscription. No more news, sports and entertainment mixed in with bagels and lox. And … Read More

Earth Day, 2010

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Earth Day, 2010 has come and gone, and with it, the sense of planet-saving urgency that surrounds it. We smugly look backwards at the improvements we’ve made in the forty years since we first marked this day in 1970 and pat ourselves on the back. The air we breathe is cleaner, as is the water we drink, and the gaping … Read More